I come from an arts background having obtained a B.A. Honours in History of Art from Nottingham University. I worked at Bonhams Auction House in London during the nineties and also for the Art Loss Register. When I moved up to Northumberland I took a long distance diploma course in Interior Design with KLC School of Design. I  worked as an interior designer for fourteen years, both for the residential and commercial sectors.

I became seriously interested in photography six years ago. Colour is my primary passion and whether in the UK or abroad, I find excitement and inspiration from the sky, sea and land  through the ever changing seasons. Flowers play a huge part in my life too; I have grown up with a love of gardens and flowers primarily due to my father who has always worked in  horticulture. My flower cutting garden in Northumberland allows me to not only engage with my love of colour but also with structure and light.  


Taking photos is immensely important to me. I like to experiment with Intentional Camera Movement, Multi Exposure, Macro photography and Lightbox photography alongside the more traditional photography techniques of recording landscapes, cityscapes  and flowers more literally. I am also happy to use Lightroom and Photoshop in post -production, especially when working on more illustrative images.

I am influenced by the magnificent works of the Impressionists, their painting style and favoured locations fascinate me.  I also love the intricate floral paintings from the Dutch masters working during the 17th and 18th centuries.

If any of the images capture your imagination and you would like to order artwork, then please get in touch.  I will reply personally, it is always a pleasure to engage directly with my customers. I am also happy to discuss commissions as the images on my website are purely a taster of my work.  I use beautiful fine art heavyweight  archival papers to bring out the best in my photography.  Post-printing I am increasingly applying  metal leaf to specific areas on certain images which gives an extra dimension  thanks to the reflective qualities.  My work has been at  The Dancing Light Gallery near Edinburgh during Autumn 2019 and  I am currently exhibiting  at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne .  Thank you for visiting my website. 

Working with Interior Designers


I welcome collaborations with Interior Designers working on both residential and commercial projects.  Special commissions and site-specific requests are always exciting and I am flexible regarding colours, sizes, etc.  Beyond printing on to art papers, for certain images I can print onto brushed aluminium or on to paper that I have pre-gilded for very unique results.  Not all my work is on my website so please do be in contact to discuss requests.  


Working with Galleries


It is always an honour to have my works in galleries. Currently my photography is on display at a local gallery in Northumberland and I was thrilled to have been part of a couple of exhibitions near Edinburgh and in Newcastle upon Tyne. I would be delighted to have my works in galleries in other parts of the UK as well. I am always happy to discuss images that might be of interest, and to create specific images for your gallery.  I am open to any ideas and plans for forthcoming exhibitions. 

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